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Yung Wun - Can't Take It No More

[Yung Wun:]
All that
I’m fed up with it
Huh uh

It’s been 8 years, 5 months, 6 days, and 9 hours; I’ve been
In and out of studios and I’m just comin’ up
What type of shit that is, on the real I’ve suffered enough
From niggaz stealin’ my songs to be locked up 36 months
It’s not a front it’s realer than real y’all niggaz
Think I’m just rhymin’ (nah dog) it’s bigger than that
Just look where I’m at compared to where I was
Fuckin’ wit local minded niggaz — I mean inner-city rappers
Talkin’ bout platinum and just forgot about me when it was my shit they rappin’

[BZR Roayle (Yung Wun):]
I can’t take it no more (can’t take it no more)
I can’t take it no more (no motherfuckin’ more)
I can’t take it no more (y’all motherfuckers betta… no more)
I (no more) can’t take it no more (no motherfuckin’ more… fuckin’ mo fuckin’ mo)


1. I Cant Take It No More (Intro)


2. I Tried To Tell Ya

Yung Wun -Tear It Up

[DMX] Yea, DMX
Straight out of ATL
Ya’ Mean
We got Yung Wun, choppin that thing baby,
Once Again, Swiss Beats, Full Surface,
[Yung Wun] Bounce, Bounce
When I’m drunk in the club, I might just start sum shit,
Block party in the hood, I might just start sum shit,
Underground Downtown, I might just start sum shit,
Gimme the keys to the city, Ima lock this bitch,
They aint gon take me alive and u can bet dat,
Hit ‘em where the chest at,
Hit ‘em where the neck at,
Show me where the rest at,
They in the same building livin’ like a mess pack,
From my eyes from where the deck at
Bet Dat, Shawty,
U and me gonna ride over to the other side,
Its time these muthafuckas die,
First make a prank call and get the kidz out the house,
I aint tryin to kill no kids, Ima turn they lights out

[chorus 2x : DMX] AAAAAAHHHH, Tear it Up, Lemme see you Tear It Up
All across the board we gon Tear It Up,
We gon bounce it till the beat cut off,
We gon rock dis muthafucka till the wheels fall off

[David Banner] Mississippi mutherfucker, Pop a dick in ur mouth,
Southside till i die, smokin dro in the drop,
I Make a bitch gimme money then I’m kickin her out,
I spit game to your wife, then we robbin your house,
Yall niggaz love that way that we grippin the grain,
If you got it and I want it, I aint callin your name,
Just lay it down, Fuck Boy, like I’m ballin G,
You get yo’ chest in yo’ lap if you fuckin with me
[chorus 2x]

[LIl' Flip] You might catch me at the Rose Bowl game,
In a 4-door range,
With a Rose gold chain,
Wrapped around my neck,
Or I might be flashin’ in a white G-wagon,
With my arm out the window, grippin’ a Tech,
Dawg, get it right, I got Houston on lock,
I kit it right, I switch the lights every time I buy a drop,
Homey, U got Swiss on the beat,
I gotta come with da heat,
It’s David Banner, Yung Wun, and F-L-I-P

[Chorus 2x]


3. Tear It Up(ft.DMX,David Banner &Lil Flip)

Yung Wun - Yung Wun Anthem

callin all cars, callin all cars, uh uh, yung wun in here
callin all cars, callin all cars, back up, back up, back up(gotta problem)
time and time again, I try to be on the good foot
but ladies dont be given me good looks
its hard when you livin like us; i started the good book
its just what I see that got me shook
mean mugs and cold stance take a nigga down
and to make him fail, imma take it to you how
lights out, closed casket, murder warn
yung one come through with the under grudge
and live the life, don’t talk about it
don’t make beef, come walk about it
everybody know my name because I play in the street
not because I say I’m street, mutha fucker

all my niggas is dirty, niggas is dirty
all my niggas is thirsy, thirsty thirsty
now I don’t give a fuck, if ya’ll don’t give a fuck
all my niggas is dirty, niggas is dirty; all my niggas is thirsty
well I don’t give a fuck if ya’ll don’t give a fuck

ya’ll trying to sound like pop; i dunno w hy though
sounded like pop is a position you shouldn’t try for
they don’t understand why they die for
and tell lies about black folk, and take from they own folk
that type of shit heavy poppin through the stove
cause you dont wanna show your face; cause its a known place
and i don’t love her face when she take from me man
and i don’t give a fuck what you think of me
cause what you think of me is nothin but a mere descision
and they shipped my ass off ta prison; if i die than death is a given
and if i live let me enjoy living; thats a wonderful feeling

Chorus (2x)

as a kid i had no life for life; everything i do they say it wasn’t right
doesn’t matter huslters scatter; everyday from 12 in the A-T-L
so love is like the wind blowing cold off the scale
tell me whats going on; two wrongs dont make a right
but i know two holes in your dome with take your life
im on the prescious shorty; they coming after what I treasure
its time we start renting out yachts; yung wun yacht masters ship out blocks
hold my block why’ll i hand out glocks; send the niggas over the hill
when they done, go pop sombody for sho


A town where you at!!!

(random babble)


4. Yung Wun Anthem


5. One More Day In The Hood (ft. Cassidy)


6. Sad Song


7. Starvin & Robbin


8. Load em Up (ft. Taronda Hamilton)


9. Cadillac Doors

Yung Wun - Walk it Talk It

[Yung Wun:] Oh Yea, All In Formation

[Hook: David Banner]
We Gon Walk Wit It (Hey); We Gon Talk Wit It (Ooooh); Got Me Screamin Out
Yung Bunch Yall Dont Say That Again; Yung Bunch Yall Dont Say That Again [x2]
[Verse 1: Yung Wun] This Face Expression Of A Baller
Shot Calla, Gettin Down For Miles Of Travelin Through These Walls
Leavin The Green Ova Bi***Es, Shady Tells A 50 Licks
It’s Sad I Had To Leave Em In Critacal Conditions
Up In That Hoodulum Wall Club Poorin Liquor On Niggaz
It’s Green Fellish For Life Dere They Go Hit The Lights
Back Do It In Park,As I Bounced Up Out That Cash Po’
Call Up Joe, Where He At?, He At Tha Airport
Duckin An Runnin Frum These Po Pos They Outta Control
30 Cops Chasin A Nigga Frum The Ghetto; Got Away Clean, [?]
Tired As Hell I Put That Suit Case Down
[Hook: David Banner]

[Verse 2: Yung Wun] 6 Oclok In Tha Mourin Stretchin And Yawnin As The Sun Rise
Poorin Out Liquor Fo All My Soldiers That Died
In These Ghetto Days, Bussin Bottles And Shoot The Bi***Es
Its Them Ghetto Ways, Them Ghetto Ways (Hey)
My 1st Mission Of The Day, Wit A Swisha Fired Up
They Say Ya Back In The Trap Again Shorty So What
Where The Weed At? Believe That, I Need That, So [?] Niggaz
On The South Side Get Slack Is It My Last Day, I Dont Knoe, But If I Go
Put A Blunt In My Casket Shorty Let Mah Soul Smoke
So On 3,Ppg Fast Street For Cannonville
On The Souf Side Where Hard Heads Ride We Keep It Real

[Hook: David Banner]
[Verse 3: Yung Wun] Im Tryin To Cop The New Bently Thang,
I Already Got The Fansies Off The Lot Wit Tha Cuban Frames
4 4′s On Top I Move Them Thangs
Ya Car Slippin In Tha Hood Ya Mite Loose Ya Brain
[?] Like A Black Bird, Thats Rite, High Up On The Curve
David Atten On Mah Face Like Cfa, Gia But Call Em Dedra Allison
Bay Banks And Billoms High Flys And Hideaways
In Dresdon Stay And Play; I Got Tha Nelly Claw On The Seize And Do’
Ya Neva Saw A Yung Nigga Do This Sh** Befo’
[Hook: David Banner]

[Yung Wun:] Let Em Kno, Every Hood Roun The World This How We Doin This Here
Yung Wun, Knoe What Im Sayin, Bringin It To Ya On The Real, Uncut Strait Street, All Hood , America (Haaaaa) We Have A Prolem
4 Real Its Goin Down (Aahahah)
Do It,Do It,Do It,Do It,Do It,Do It,Hit That Mutha [x4]
East Side What, West Side What, Down Soth Motha Fuka, Where Tha Mouf Motha F***A
East Side,West Side,North Side,South Side, Mississippi In Dis Thang Rite
Atl Man, St. Louis Man, Magnolia, Bounce Bak, Get That What

[Fade Out]


10. Walk It Talk It (ft. David Banner)


11. Let It Bump


12. Represent


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