Tear It Up (Remix)

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1. Yung Wun - Tear It Up
DJ Tone Remix  

YUNG WUN is a hip-hop artist that is worth lisitening to; he has been featured on numerous tracks with other rap artists. Having written all his material himself, Yung Wun is an artist that can stand on his own original verses. Previously working with high profile producer Swizz Beatz, Yung Wun has the talent to be recognizable on his own, which is proven through his features on platinum recordings from Trick Daddy to DMX. Yung Wun was previously signed with the Ruff Ryders /J Records, and is now signed to New Creation Records. With his mixtape set to be released in November, Yung Wun is looking to put himself back on the music scene with his remix single that DJ Tone, who spins in Rhode Island on 90.3 WRIU, reinvented ‘TEAR IT UP’ is the hit that Yung Wun featured DMX, Lil’ FLip and David Banner with Swizz Beatz produced in 2004 – TEAR IT UP Video.
With so many rappers becoming pop artist and singers, Yung Wun is a true representation of rap that is needed to bring back the realness in hip-hop. Yung Wun has lyrics that displays his passion, his energy and the love for music; which is definitely an edge that is needed in the rap game. Listening to his collaborations with Trick Daddy’s STOMP, and the RUFF RYDERS World War featuring (Snoop Dogg, Yung Wun, Jadakiss and Scarface); it is evident that his lyrical talent is something the rap world will benefit from with his return. Yung Wun has stories from a past that reveals struggle, criminal activites and the love of lyrical expression-all of these elements are evident in his songs.

Written By: TRUTHSKiL
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